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  • Lemon Verbena is a tender perennial, where in most temperate climates it is best grown in container and removed and taken indoors for winter
  • Performing best in rich, moist soil and full sun, pinch back Lemon Verbena to encourage bushy growth
  • Keep your container of Lemon Verbena in a saucer or on a solid surface to prevent roots from escaping the pot and entering the ground
  • Potted plants that have rooted will suffer shock to their roots if broken free from the ground
  • Lemon Verbena is deciduous, so it's leaves will drop in the fall

This lovely plant, native of South America, is a bushy deciduous shrub of luminous light green leaves and tiny white or pale lilac flowers borne in slender sprays in late summer. It’s much sought-after lemony aroma is popular for soap and body products. Be sure to collect leaves for a calming tea, sachets and potpourri. The leaf sprigs also make excellent foundational elements for flower bouquets.


3.5" pots


Available week of May 13

Lemon Verbena

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