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One of the great joys of living on a tree nursery is bringing something unique and unexpected into the house after a walk.  I would like to share this joy with you if you are willing to receive the unique and unexpected. I’m introducing Branches & Blooms Subscription.


The 3rd week of each month I will provide you with a tree nursery treasures.  You will receive 12- 25 woody stems and cut flowers that will provide you interest for longer than average bouqet.  A lot fo the branches will be 24"+ that can be cut down. It will can be presented as one large dymanic piece or broken into several pieces. Most woody stem arrangements have the staying power and the element of surprise.


You can expect a unique arrangement that will be more of a statement piece rather than something you tuck away in the corner.    This arrangement will have movement and will evolve throughout the month providing you with a little outdoor magic indoors.   Vessels are not included.


Pick up option

3rd Thursday from 3-7pm at Modern Art in Lancaster City

3rd Friday from 9am-7pm at Schroeder Gardens

3rd Saturday from 9am-1pm at Schroeden Gardens


You may change your pick up time and place.   Occasionally we may have special events when you may just want to be on the farm.  But for now please pick where you would like to start.


Here are a few items you could potential expect but not limited to.



Red buds & Dogwoods branches



Poppy & Flowering branches



Baptisia & Sunflower Arrangement with assorted branches



Brown Eyed Susans, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Joe Pye Weed and Echinachea mixed with structured branches



Ginkgo, Strawflower, Craspedia and Ecalpytus



Oakleaf Hydrangeas & Goldenrod 



Stewartia branches, Delphinium and hardy herb



Dried flower arrangement



Nellie Stevens & Cedar



Asia Witch Hazel, Pines & Willow branches



Magnolias & Willows branches



Peach, Cherry, Apple & Winter Hazel branches


Thanks so much!


Branches & Blooms Subscription

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