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We are always working on inventory.  Feel free to let us know

what you are looking for.

Schroeder Gardens is a 46 acre family farm that grows chemical free native trees, shrubs and plants.  Using regenerative practices to build up the soil health of the land, Schroeder Gardens leads by example by integrating native plants throughout the farm to enhance pollinator pathways and to provide natural habitats within our landscaping.  We have a unique collection of large ball and burlap specimen trees.


It is our responsibility to not confine Nature to patches of land that others preserve. Make your home, Nature's home.  Weave pathways for pollinators into your landscape. Choose native plants that birds, butterflies and other pollinators can thrive on. Native plants are easier to maintain, need less water and are gorgeous. 

One plant at a time, we can make a huge difference.

When we are among the trees, we are guided by reverence. It moves us to find the utmost holistic practices. To find moments of play. To marvel.  To share. To work hard.

And to celebrate!

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